Stop waiting for the ever-elusive “right time”

There are two types of artist: those who wait around for a great idea before they create, and those who sit down day after day, whether they feel like it or not, and spend time honing their craft. More often than not, it’s the ones who consistently put in the work who end up offering something valuable.

Same is true of our spiritual life. Many of us wait around until it feels right to spend time with God—when everything else is done, nobody else is around to bother you, it’s a certain time of day and a particular setting. The problem is there are too many elements which can throw everything off. Or what about this one: you gave into temptation and fell into some sin so you feel you have to wait—the guilt is too fresh to stand before a holy God.

If you want to get stronger or lose weight, you don’t wait around until you feel like exercising. You put in the work, day after day, regardless of how you feel—or usually in direct opposition to how you likely feel.

The God of the universe is always waiting and ready to spend time with you. Stop putting Him off until it makes sense for your schedule or emotions, and put in the time with Him now, again and again.