At Flectio, we desire to help followers of Christ at any stage of their journey grow closer to God and change the world (not wait around for someone to tell them what to do next). So we make practical tools to equip you to do that. You don’t need our resources to be a better Christian—God has given us everything we need through His Word and the church! Our resources are simply designed to help you get the most from your time in God’s Word. Through our website, we hope to offer you some helpful tips, encouragement, free resources, and the option to purchase practical tools to live by.

Flectio (pronounced “FLECK-she-oh”) is a fictitious mash-up of two latin words: Flecte & Lectio. In other words, the name is inspired by “reading which causes one to bend”—much like time spent in God’s presence & reading His Word helps us to bend our lives & will to be more like His.