What is this “Flectio” Journal?

So you recently received a Flectio journal? I’m incredibly excited for you! Yes, it seems very simple—not to mention, very blank—but this small booklet is a game changer! Here’s the gist:

This journal was specifically designed to help you grow closer to God.

Simply spend time in His Word and write what you learn. Writing will help you remember it better, and months from now when you forget that incredible message God had for you, you’ll be able to look back at what you wrote—it won’t be lost.

It’s flexible—use it how you want.

You can write a summary of what you read on the lines, notes in the blank margin, and a take-away thought in the box at the bottom. Or write a prayer to God on the lines, doodle some hand lettering of your favorite verse in the margin, and an action step you want to take in the box. Make a list of prayer requests and answers to those prayers. Rewrite a passage of Scripture in your own words. It’s completely up to you! Use it the way you want so you get the most out of it. You don’t even have to use every area of the page if you don’t need it—just spend meaningful time with God and reflect on that in these pages so you can look back on it someday.

Fill the book.

It doesn’t matter if the content is all the same, or even how long it takes. Just take your time. As God speaks, write in it. Say you’re at a conference or Bible study and you fill a few pages. Once it’s over, don’t just put it down and forget about it. The next time you do a daily devotional, fill a page. While you’re sitting in church on Sunday morning? Take notes from the sermon. When you have a good conversation or hear a great teaching on the radio? Write down what you learned after. Every page is one more documented step on your journey of spiritual growth.

Don’t worry about how long it takes—see what God can do in your life when you give Him 40 pages.

If you can fill 40 pages in 40 days, that’s incredible discipline and you’ll be well on your way to making a healthy habit of time with God. But if you haven’t written in it for a few weeks, no sweat! It’s one step at a time so cut yourself some slack, pick-up wherever you left off, and fill the next page. There’s something about finishing what you start, and when you finish one of these journals you have a great resource to remember what God has done in your life—which will come in handy the next time life throws you a curve ball!

Rinse, repeat!

After you fill a book, grab another and start again. You’ll be creating a legacy of God speaking to you through His Word. Imagine what it will be like for your family or friends to one day see a wall of journals full of God’s Truth that filled your life over the years—better yet, imagine what God could do in their life by reading what you wrote!

I’m excited for what God is going to do in your life as you use this journal. I want you to know that this resource is only the beginning of a number of tools we hope to make available to you in the future, so be sure to sign-up for emails to stay informed on what’s happening with Flectio!