Less, more often.

My senior year of High School, I worked at Chick-Fil-A. There was one principle I learned from that experience which I find holds true across various disciplines:

“Make less, more often.”

Making less more often means the food is always fresh. It tastes better and consistently ensures delivering customers a quality experience. So take that idea and carry it over to other contexts.

Let’s say you’re helping someone move—which is easier, carrying a single piano into the house or taking several smaller boxes in multiple trips? Or what about losing weight—would your doctor prefer you skip a couple of meals once a week or simply lower your calorie intake every day?

Do you see why your pastor always says simply showing up for church every Sunday isn’t enough? Like anything, spiritual growth requires consistently investing small amounts of time on a regular basis. There’s certainly a need for times of extended focus (that piano has to get in the house somehow), so we don’t want to neglect meeting with other Christians, corporate worship, or a deeper study of God’s Word.

But if you want to see God move in your life, come before him regularly so he can help mold and shape you to be a little more like Christ, everyday.

Less, more often: that’s the heart of what it means to live Steadfast.