It’s not just another blank notebook. It’s a revolutionary system.

I was discussing the Flectio Journal with a friend the other day. He’s heard me talk a lot about it, but something finally clicked for him in our conversation. As a result, I realized I’ve been so close to the project and discuss it so much that sometimes I fail to explain why it’s unique.

This journal isn’t just another blank notebook. It’s a system—a framework for helping you grow closer to God through His Word. And that framework? Here it is:

Spend 40 days in God’s Word, and write about it. Then, when you’re done? Do it again.

That’s it. Simple, right?

It’s not an overly ambitious task, but it can be a challenge. And that’s where the beauty lies in this system: It’s forgiving.

If you miss a day or two—or even 17—pick-up right where you left off and keep going. While a consecutive 40 days in God’s Word is certainly something to shoot for, the goal isn’t to become legalistic, it’s to grow closer to God. Don’t beat yourself up. When you haven’t seen a friend for a while, you set a date and get together. Same thing here.

Have a plan for what to read, but don’t box yourself into something that fits perfectly into 40 days. If you come up short, find the next thing and keep going. If it goes longer, grab another journal and—you guessed it: Keep going! Spend another 40 days in God’s Word and write about it.

You don’t even need a Flectio Journal for this to work. Grab any notebook, put a number on each day (either as you go, or number them ahead of time if you want) and make it a goal to spend 40 days with God. Then, do it again. The Flectio Journal is great because each time you finish, you’ve filled an entire booklet. It feels like a true milestone; not quite as overwhelming as holding a notebook full of empty pages to fill.

And the pages are flexible. You don’t have to write a novel, just jot down the main takeaway or questions you have after your time with God. There’s room for prayer requests, additional comments, art journaling (if you’re into that), scripture passages, steps you want to take—it’s completely up to you. And you’re free to change it up as you go (just because you used the block at the bottom for a powerful scripture yesterday doesn’t mean that’s what has to go there today).

40 days in God’s Word. Start there, no matter how long it actually takes. Then, do it again. And watch how quickly God works in you.