What’s the next step?

  • Read today’s Bible reading?
  • Choose a Bible reading plan?
  • Spend time in prayer?
  • Ask a friend how their walk with God is going?
  • Find a small group or Bible Study?
  • Start a small group or Bible Study?
  • Ask someone to mentor you?
  • Reach-out to disciple another person?
  • Begin tithing?
  • Sign-up to serve at your church?
  • Sign-up to serve in your community?
  • Find a church home?
  • Tell someone what God is doing in you?
  • Get baptized?
  • Pray with your spouse/family/friend?
  • Write down what God is teaching you?
  • Reconcile with someone?
  • Ask someone for help?
  • Offer to help someone else?
  • Memorize a passage of Scripture?
  • Start fasting?
  • Stop and worship outside of the Sunday morning context?
  • Encourage someone?
  • Revisit a book of the Bible/a teaching/an old journal?

Well, which is it?
What are you going to do about it?