For everyone ready for something more.

Flectio is for people who don’t want to be spoon-fed a “hand-me-down” religion. It’s for those who recognize, “I—alone—am responsible for pursuing God.”

It’s for the men and women who desire to initiate his/her own transformation by intentionally pouring over God’s Word, hungering for righteousness.

These tools and articles aren’t for people who want to wait for the safe & easy bandwagon to hop-on. It’s for those who want to be used by God so badly, you can’t sit still.

Flectio is for the outliers, ready to stand against the impossible. It’s to help the hearers become doers and the doers to speak and act with the authority they can only receive by spending regular time in humble submission at God’s feet.

God has won the battle, but we still have to suit up. You don’t need a certificate or a position of power, you just need God’s active hand reshaping your heart.

This is for you. It’s time to step-up.